Estate and End of Life Planning Seminar

Last Saturday, February 24, First United Methodist Church hosted the Estate and End of Life Planning Seminar. The Reverend John Peterson of the Florida United Methodist Foundation, Connie Durrence of Clark, Campbell, and Lancaster, P.A., and Heath Funeral Chapel’s own Ryan Bates gave presentations on the importance of transferring estates to family and the need to establish end of life planning. The event lasted for three hours and ended with a Q & A with the presenters.

Ryan discussed the benefits to pre-plan a funeral and gave a general road map of what to expect at a pre-planning appointment. Pre-planning is great for someone who doesn’t want the burden of planning a funeral to fall on family members after a death has happened, wants his or her wishes honoured, and/or wants to be set at ease that the details of the funeral have been completed. If you have questions or would like to create an end of life plan which can be as simple as just establishing a folder stating preferences for a funeral or memorial service, please call us at Heath Funeral Chapel at (863) 682-0111 to set up an appointment.