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Since 1959, Heath Funeral Chapel has stood on the corner of East Lime and South Ingraham Avenue in Lakeland, Florida, a proud representative of old Lakeland. And, throughout multiple additions and renovations, the original wood frame house still stands as the center of this family-owned and community-loved chapel of memory. Over the years the Heath/Schichtel family has added rooms and meeting spaces, updated areas and renovated chapels. Their unswerving goal has been to do what it takes to meet the area’s growing population needs for larger and more service-filled funeral offerings.

As part of their determination to meet the community’s wants, Heath Funeral Chapel added an on site crematorium in 1971; a large viewing room addition followed. As generations continued to depend on Heath for after-life care, the family continued to add space to serve. Today, Bill Schichtel, Caroline Schichtel, Matt Schichtel and the entire Heath staff work together to maintain their independent, family-owned funeral home. Despite the national trend toward corporate buy-outs that continue to chip away at the American icon, the hometown funeral home, the Heath/Schichtel family remains intact – an integral part of the greater Lakeland family.

Heath Funeral Chapel & Crematory is a proud member of the National Funeral Directors Association, the Independent Funeral Directors of Florida, and the Green Burial Council.

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